Piano Performance 2

Piano Performance 2

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A Magical Dream Come True

About 20 years ago, I became obsessed with magic. I began performing tricks, first for the piano students and music classes at our store, Petrucci Pianos. It wasn't long before I created a comedy/magic act and began performing at various venues around Florida and eventually on several cruise ships, The time came when I wanted to do more than just perform tricks that other magicians had created. So I began to dabble in creating some original effects, which had some limited success through internet sales.

Then 5 years ago, I created an effect that allowed a spectator to take any book, look up ANY word on ANY page, concentrate on that word, and I would tell them the word they were thinking of. About this time, the biggest magic company on the internet, THEORY11, gave an opportunity for amateur magicians to submit an original trick for their consideration. Theory11 is big time. They are the consultants for the biggest names in magic, like David Copperfield and David Blaine. They are also involved in magic based Hollywood movies.

So, on a whim, I sent them a video of me performing my effect. I called it, "Mindreading in Minutes". Here is the video I sent them.

Would you believe that none of the magicians at Theory11 could figure out how I was doing the trick. These were some of the biggest names in the magic industry. They then asked if I would send a video on how I was doing this effect. I did, and within 24 hours they sent me a contract to produce and market my effect, which they renamed ZODIAC. WOW. I couldn't believe it.

Here is the really exciting part. David Copperfield was going to be on the Oprah show. He needed a really amazing trick to perform for her, and asked his consultants at Theory11 if they had anything that was original and not being done by any other magician.

They suggested ZODIAC. Believe it or not, David Copperfield then performed my trick on the Oprah show. Here is the link to his performance.

But, it still wasn't on the market yet. Theory11 wanted to test it and fine tune it and perfect the packaging for publication. Well, guess what, it took them 5 years. I really thought that this was never going to reach the marketplace. So, finally, last month ZODIAC was released to the world wide magic community. YAY! My dream came true. Since its release, it has become the hit of the magic world and the internet.You can read all about the release, the description, and the 5 star reviews by going to Then scroll down to "Newest Releases" and click on ZODIAC.
How lucky am I? Sometimes dreams do come true. MINE SURE DID!

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